Walking in a Winter Workout Wonderland

Walking in a Winter Workout Wonderland

I’m setting up a new ring challenge for the start of the new year, “Walking in a Winter Workout Land.” It will start on Saturday, January 9, and go through Sunday, February 14. You can join the challenge at this link:


Get your teams together and get moving!!!


  1. Definitely feel free to invite others–the more people, the more fun!
  2. As noted: The challenge runs from Saturday, January 9 to Sunday, February 14.
  3. Go to the App Store to get the Challenges App, if you need it.
  4. The rings close based on workout activity detected by the Apple Watch. It seems that, while workouts recorded in some apps show up in Apple Health, they do not directly close the rings (i.e. the minutes in the app may not count, but the Watch may incidentally detect the movement). For instance, I find that my outdoor rides recorded in Strava close the rings, but not my stationary rides. To get it to “count,” I also need to record it in the Workout app on the Watch. TDLR: If you don’t think you’re getting full credit for a workout, try recording it with the native Workout app.
  5. I’m digging the Challenges app, but have had some friends on other platforms (Android, FitBit, and Garmin) want to play. Does anyone know of a more multi-platform option?