A couple months after I got my new MacBook, I got a small backpack, in which I wanted to carry it in (among other things). It didn’t have a dedicated slot for a laptop. I also had the notion to carry the MacBook in other bags.

I thought a laptop sleeve would be idea. I started looking. What I found was most sleeves opened on the long edge of the device. I was looking for one that opened on the short edge, so I could pull the laptop out of a backpack while leaving the sleeve in.

Is this an excessively specific use case? Perhaps.

I mentioned this to my daughter. After over fifty days in quarantine, she made me a bespoke sleeve:

My Daughter's MacBook Sleeve

It looks good, and fits in my bag just like I planned!

Sleeve in the Bag

I’m quite pleased with it–it will protect my MacBook in a convenient way! I’m also quite proud of my talented daughter.