Random Notes, March 27, 2020, Twelth Day of Quarantine Edition


I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of blog posts at a later date on this topic. Right now, much off the world is under some level of quarantine for COVID-19 (coronavirus). The order in Cincinnati is that schools are closed, non-essential business are closed (save work-from-home), and restaurants are take-out only. We can go out to exercise, but that’s about it.

I’ve been working from home, as has my wife. Our daughter has been off school. I suspect many of my upcoming posts will be flavored by this.

Stories from the Future

The weird thing of this era is how many think pieces I read. I can almost predict what some will be:

  • “Social Distancing” is the word of the year.
  • In a year or two, there will be stories in IT journals about how sites like Zwift or Netflix scaled to meet the demand.
  • Kids my daughter’s age, up until now known as “Gen Z,” become known as “the Interrupted Generation.” After a year of social distancing, some milestones will be missed. For my daughter, it may be driver’s education/licensing. Others it could be bar/bat mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, college visits, prom, or other life events. Even after the crisis, they are going to have to work through the pent up demand (e.g. my daughter may have to wait in line behind a lot of folks for drivers ed). And this isn’t even factoring in any economic upheaval.
  • I have already heard an article that references a yet-to-be-born baby as “Generation C:” the generation that grows up not knowing a world before whatever changes come out of COVID-19.