Many of my friends know I’m a huge fan of Daylight Savings Time (DST). In the US, it starts in early March, and runs through early November (meaning that, as I write this, it wraps up this Sunday).

I love it because it moves an extra hour of daylight after work, making one continuous block for outdoor activities (like riding bikes). Otherwise, that time would be divided into two chunks. For this reason, whenever someone talks about doing away with changing, my reply is that I’m OK with that, so long as we stay “sprung forward.”

I’ve been counting down to DST on social media for several years now, mostly to amuse myself. As it turns out, many of my friends and followers were also fans. It became quite popular.

I’ve automated this, at least on twitter, in what I’m calling the DST Countdown Bot. It’s a twitter page that will update how much time until DST returns. I’m a bit early for the next jump forward, which will be March 8, 2020. Right now, it does not update Facebook automatically, but I will work on that. Until then, enjoy!